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Workers' Compensation Support for 

Wisconsin Health Care Providers


 Millions of dollars of work comp revenue go uncollected by providers every year.  Recovering this revenue  is Fairwater's  main objective.  We have built an efficient process on a strong foundation of knowledge.  Let's work together to increase your bottom line.


Maximizing workers' compensation revenue is our mission. We are experts at identifying underpaid claims, navigating the dispute process, and recovering the unpaid revenue that has been earned by Wisconsin healthcare providers.


  All health care organizations have characteristics unique to their workflow, personnel, scheduling, and revenue cycles that require special consideration.  Accommodations for each provider's circumstances are made to ensure the best outcome for your revenue recovery.


Fairwater Revenue Recovery has expert knowledge of Wisconsin's workers' compensation laws and dispute process. Improper payments are all too common and Fairwater Revenue Recovery has developed a process that recognizes improper payment practices and recovers past underpayments. To demonstrate our process to prospective clients, we offer an audit of workers' compensation bills and processing of test claims as a free service. In addition, fees are based on recovered revenue. If there is no recovery, there is no fee. 


Julie Gilbert, Founder and CEO


Fairwater Revenue Recovery, LLC

W328 S8885 South Oak Tree Dr.

Mukwonago, WI 53149

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