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Fairwater Revenue Recovery, LLC specializes in helping healthcare providers maximize their workers' compensation revenue. Each state has a different set of rules and regulations governing their workers' compensation system. This creates challenges that are unique to each state.

Workers' compensation is a complicated niche for providers because it requires specialized knowledge of the rules and regulations that fall outside of the common practices of group health bills. In addition, Wisconsin does not have a fee schedule making it difficult for most payer platforms to accurately process workers' compensation claims in our jurisdiction. Without a specialized workers' compensation skill set and expert knowledge of the Wisconsin dispute process, most providers are leaving a substantial amount of revenue uncollected.

Fairwater Revenue Recovery has expert knowledge of Wisconsin's workers' compensation laws and dispute process. Improper payments are all too common and Fairwater Revenue Recovery has developed a process that recognizes improper payment practices and recovers past underpayments. The process includes an audit of workers' compensation bills and processing of test claims as a free service to prospective clients. In addition, fees are based on recovered revenue. If there is no recovery, there is no fee. 

Julie Gilbert
Founder and CEO

Julie is passionate about helping healthcare providers navigate the cumbersome world of workers' compensation. Contact Julie today to take advantage of a risk-free audit and find out if you are optimizing your work comp revenue.

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